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We are a group of world travelers that have been visiting and living in Medellin for 6 years.  Having traveled to over 78 different countries and lived in 3 it is easy to honestly say that I am enjoying the Medellin Lifestyle more than anywhere I have ever lived in my life, including the USA.!

We have a couple of other Spanish speaking contributing staff members that help us find and translate information and a couple of good friends that help us with the site from time to time.  We also have a lot of friends in the travel community that keep us posted on local current events.  Of course, our loyal readers and frequent visitors are always providing us with useful information and we thank them for it.

We decided to create the Medellin Travel Guide as a Portal because quite frankly, one did not exist, "
in English", that was current, covered sufficient topics or had information relative only to Medellin.  There are several Colombian portals but they are mostly in Spanish and  focused on Colombia in general instead of just Medellin. Also, there are numerous other web sites, mainly focused on Colombia in general, or specific Colombian city travel guides. Most have limited posts regarding Medellin (Yahoo, Frommers, Wiki, Virtual Travel), much of it outdated and you have to search for hours on different sites to find everything you might want to know. There just was not a central repository of information where you could find everything you might want to know about Medellin (in English), until now!

Want to know about Medellin?  You have found the right place! Whether you are traveling to Medellin for business or tourism, you should be able to find everything you need to know about Medellin here. We hope to be creating an atmosphere where our site becomes the all inclusive one stop shop web site for information about Medellin. This site will post the
Last Updated date per page so you can always be sure of getting current Medellin Information.  Information from 3, 4 or 5 years ago cannot be considered reliable.  We always keep the site fresh with current Medellin Info.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site, will bookmark us and hope that you will add Medellin to your travel itinerary.  Neither of us are professional web developers but we did do most of it ourselves.  It will keep improving as we improve our skill set.  Book mark us and tell your friends.  Your feedback, recommendations and observations are always welcome.


Medellin Travel Guide  (others use our name but we own the URL) A division of Suncom Group Solutions LLC

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